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PTAK Wholesale Center

Leader in the clothing wholesale

Ptak Wholesale Center is the most modern and largest wholesale clothing center in Central Europe. It represents an important part of the Ptak Fashion City – the only object of this type in Central Europe with 250 000 sqm of shopping area that combines wholesale, retail and entertainment.

Thanks to a consistently implemented development strategy, Ptak Wholesale Center is today the most important place to buy goods for most owners of clothing stores and boutiques. Every day, there are thousands of companies producing and importing clothes.

Only here, in one place, you will find such a wide representation of manufacturers offering clothing at wholesale prices.

Ptak Wholesale Center

It constitutes the largest part of Ptak Fashion City, the most popular place supplying clothing stores and boutiques in Poland and Europe.

Rzemieślnicza 35 street
95-030 Rzgów by city of Lodz

Ptak Wholesale Center is part of Fashion City – the only such facility in Central Europe, which functions as the largest clothing wholesale store in Poland, but also combines retail sales and entertainment functions. CH Ptak is visited annually by as many as 9 million customers from Poland and around the world. This makes Ptak Fashion City a center of Polish fashion export to world markets. It plays an important role, promoting clothing wholesale and contributing to the development of the economy.

At Ptak Wholesale Center, sales are carried out daily. Thousands of regular buyers from the clothing industry come here every day, making Ptak Center the most recognizable place on the clothing wholesale market. Among them, also large-size women’s clothing (wholesale) is available – a must-have collection, perfectly complementing the Regular series.

An important advantage of Ptak Shopping Center is its location in the very center of Poland, in the long-term hub of the clothing industry. In the immediate vicinity of Ptak Fashion City you can find hundreds of sewing rooms, cutting rooms, and distributors of raw materials. Economic exchange is favoured by convenient road and air connections – the proximity of the main communication junction, at the intersection of the A1 motorway with the S8 expressway. Ptak Shopping Center offers its customers a spacious, free car park.

Join the group of satisfied customers of Ptak Wholesale Center. Only here, in one place, you will find such a wide representation of manufacturers offering clothing wholesale..